Grainiac Membership

$50.00 USD

Our not-so-secret secret society of beer fans.  There aren’t any secret handshakes or passwords…But we do have some requirements (and we take them really seriously).  You get all the great benefits…


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  1. An official Graniaca card indicating that you are truly a full-fledged Grainiacs (It’s important that you do not lose this card as it will also indicate your entitlements). 
  2. An official Against The Grain wearable item…Be it a shirt or hat, let the world know you move Against The Grain!
  3. Receive happy hour pricing on every standard beer purchased with the presentation of your valid AtG Grainiac card at the time of purchase at any ATG location.
  4. Receive 15% off wearable ATG gear with the presentation of your card.
  5. Your Graniac membership entitles you to one fully discounted (Free) beer per month and a yearly birthday beer! (Your fully discounted beer must be redeemed on its designated month as it does not roll over like your minutes at Verizon. Both the monthly and birthday beer will be denoted and marked with the presentation of your valid AtG Grainiac card at the time of eligibility)
  6. Graniacs will be the first to be notified of upcoming beer releases and events. 
  7. Graniac membership grants you access to special, Graniac-only discounts on merch.



  1. Graniac card holder to have a most excellent experience here at AtG!
  2. Graniac card holders must complete the official AtG Grainiac interview questionnaire.
  3. Enrollment fee of $50, with an annual renewal of $25.
  4. You will be responsible for maintaining your membership (keep an eye on renewal, it’s up to you).

The Other Stuff

  • AtG Brewery will not be responsible for lost cards. If an AtG Graniac member loses their card, the membership will have to be purchased again at the enrollment fee price of $50.
  • When renewing your AtG Grainiac membership, you must present your previous/expired AtG Grainiac membership card to receive the renewal price of $25.
  • You must always present your AtG Grainiac membership card in order to utilize the discounts and entitlements associated with membership. 
  • AtG Brewery reserves the right to alter the terms of membership at anytime, without notice.